Key West Spearfishing Trip

Spearfishing is one of the most fun forms of fishing there is. It’s done while snorkeling in the beautiful Key West waters, and using a speargun or pole spear to hunt fish. Whether the guest is a professional or a novist, we can design a trip with their needs in mind. There are shallow areas where the captain can swim alongside beginners. They will show them the techniques to effectively and safely spear fish, while having fun doing it! Or if the customer is experienced, there are depths for any level of hunter. Spearfishing is one of the most popular sports among Key West locals. Once you try it, you will be hooked! There is nothing like hunting for fish, and putting dinner on the table. We provide all the gear and licenses needed. 6 people maximum per boat. Multiple boats used for larger groups.

2.5 hour- $395
4 hour- $495
6 hour- $695
8 hour- $795

This trip can be combined with any other trip we offer, including:

  • -Dolphin Watches 
  • -Sandbar Trips 
  • -Sunset Booze Cruises 
  • -Island Camping
  • -Backcountry Exploring
  • -Island Hopping 
  • -Fishing
  • -Birdwatching
  • -Lobstering During Season 
  • -Spearfishing 
  • -Sunset Cruise 
  • -Around Key West Sightseeing Tour 

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