Key West Lobstering Trip

Lobstering is done while snorkeling. You search for lobster living under ledges, coral, and rocks, and catch them using either a net and tickle stick, or a noose style device. The captain will get in the water to assist and teach beginner’s, and take them to spots that suit their experience level. Season starts the beginning of august and last until march. We provide all gear and licenses on charters. Come see what all the hype is about! 6 people maximum per boat. Multiple boats used for larger groups.
2.5 hour- $395
4 hour- $495
6 hour- $695
8 hour- $795

This trip can be combined with any other trip we offer, including:

  • -Dolphin Watches 
  • -Sandbar Trips 
  • -Sunset Booze Cruises 
  • -Island Camping
  • -Backcountry Exploring
  • -Island Hopping 
  • -Fishing
  • -Birdwatching
  • -Lobstering During Season 
  • -Spearfishing 
  • -Sunset Cruise 
  • -Around Key West Sightseeing Tour 

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